A Coconut-y Christmas Celebration

It’s time to plan and organize the Christmas celebration.
And a great way to end off your Christmas meal with your loved ones is a coconut cake using Kara UHT Coconut Cream.

~Vegan Rum Cake~

You will love this Vegan Rum Cake by YoRipe creator @meowcathy16, where she has used Kara UHT coconut milk & cream as the dairy substitute to make this lush & rich chocolate cake. The cake is a flavourful combination of coconut cream, cocoa powder & rum.

~Dark Chocolate Coconut Cake~

If you are considering to enjoy the Christmas night with the soothing dark chocolate and a hint of coconut, then you must try this Dark Chocolate Coconut Cake by YoRipe creator @lovekindeat.

This is an easy to bake chocolate coconut cake, where Kara UHT Coconut Cream in this recipe gives it a lovely fragrance and does not overpower the chocolate taste from the cake.

Let’s have a coconut-y Christmas celebration with these delicious coconut cake.
Your loved one will simply love it!