Traditional Kuih with Kara – KUIH SERI MUKA

Want to impress your family members and/or friends with a traditional kuih during gathering?

Watch this video to learn from mother of Sujimy Mohamad on how to make traditional Kuih Seri Muka using Kara UHT Coconut Cream!



2 packets of Kara UHT Coconut Cream 200ml

2 cups of wheat flour

2 big spoons of custard powder

1 cup of sugar

800 ml of water

4 oz of butter

Pinch of salt

1 egg


Extracted from Sujimy Mohamad’s Facebook

Sujimy Mohamad is a prominent member of the Media industry – in Singapore and the region. He is also well respected within the Malay/Muslim community for his creative achievements.