The many uses from the Tree of Life – Coconut Cooking Oil

With all the different kinds of cooking oil available in the market, do you know that coconut cooking oil is an ideal choice for deep frying?

Coconut cooking oil is one of the oils with lowest polyunsaturated fats. Additionally, it has high smoke point of 232 degrees C (450 degrees F) and the fatty acids make the oil remains stable & not easily break down under heat. This means coconut cooking oil is less likely to oxidize, create acrid smell and form harmful compounds during cooking with high heat. Studies show that using coconut cooking oils to continuous deep frying at 180 degrees C (365 degrees F) for 8 hours, the oil’s quality remain acceptable!

On top of being an ideal choice for deep frying, the high smoke point of coconut cooking oil allows you to do the deep frying at higher temperature thus shorten your cooking time. And unlike other oils with lower smoke point, the color of coconut cooking oil will not change to darker color easily after deep frying. Other than deep frying, coconut cooking oil is a good choice for grilling and sauté as well.

With color of slight yellow and almost clear like water, which may not affect the desired appearance of your dishes; it will be a good idea to have coconut cooking oil in your kitchen.