The many uses from the Tree of Life – Coconut Coir Fiber

Coconut coir fiber is a natural fiber from the coconut husk. Coir is an incredibly strong and tough fiber, which has been used for thousands of years for making ropes, brushes, doormats, and upholstery and mattress stuffing. Nowadays there are many usages of coconut coir fiber, ranging from agriculture to industrial needs.

Coconut coir fiber is eco-friendly and sustainable. It has a very neutral pH level, which makes it suitable for a wider variety of plants. On top of that, coconut coir fiber has excellent water holding and aerating capabilities, which is good for seed germination.

On regular gardening, coconut coir fiber supports strong root growth and is pest resistant. It is also an ideal growing medium for those who want to start hydroponic garden at home.

Other than use in gardening, textile industry has started using coconut coir fiber for its environmentally friendly nature. Many high-end car producers are also using coconut coir fiber to make their car seat now!