Easy recipe of coconut jelly with Gelatine & Coconut Milk!

Instead of buying ready to consume fruits jelly. Why not try this easy recipe with 5 ingredients?
Besides controlling sweetness of added sugar. You can enhancecoconut flavour with coconut milk!


7g Gelatine
250ml Whole Milk
30g White Sugar
A teaspoon Vanilla Extract
200ml Kara Classic UHT Coconut Milk



  1. Put 7g of gelatinein water and soak till soft
  2. Put a pot on medium fire, pour the whole milk, sugar & vanilla extract in the pot.
  3. Keep stirring until the mixture is slightly boiling.
  4. Turn off the heat, put in soft gelatineand continue to stir.
  5. Pour in Kara Classic UHT Coconut Milk, stir well and pour into the containers.
  6. After cooling, refrigerate for more than 4 hours and it is ready to be served.