German Potato Pancakes with Coconut Cilantro Sauce

Delightfully crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, warm and flavourfully seasoned; these German potato pancakes, ‘Kartoffelpuffer’, are delicious and fun to make!

Usually, German potato pancakes will be served with apple sauce or sour cream, alongside a main dish like sausages. However, we would recommend this fresh, zesty, and savoury topping of coconut cilantro sauce using Kara UHT Coconut Cream – the best part is no cooking involved for this sauce!

This recipe simplified the making of German potato pancakes by precooking the potatoes, adding baking powder and corn flour, then pan frying in clarified butter or ghee which gives a wonderful flavour and aroma.

On top of that, different from many other recipes of German potato pancakes that use a pan full of oil to fry the potato pancakes, we have made our recipe healthier by using a minimal amount of clarified butter or ghee.


Source: Recipes Are Simple