The many uses from the Tree of Life – Coconut Cream

Unlike coconut water, this creamy and thick white liquid is best extracted from the white flesh of mature coconuts. Whenever added as a cooking ingredient, it adds a creamy texture and imparts a delightful coconut fragrance. In many countries, coconut cream is an important ingredient in recipes.

Coconut cream is sometimes confused with coconut milk. Though both are coconut derivative products in white liquid, there are ways for you to identify coconut cream from coconut milk. Coconut cream is thicker in texture than coconut milk. On top of that, as stipulated by CODEX STAN 240-2003 Codex Standard for aqueous coconut products, coconut cream has higher coconut fat content, thus, more flavourful when added to cooking.

Some consumer will use coconut cream and coconut milk the same way and/or for the same recipe. We suggest using coconut cream on savoury food, to achieve richer flavour of tantalising coconut dishes like rendang, curry, or coconut cakes.

Coconut cream is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly. This means that it is an excellent substitute for many recipes that require dairy products or nuts. Using coconut cream means that the lactose intolerant will still get to enjoy smooth creamy food and desserts like puddings, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, or berry parfaits.

If you cannot find coconut cream at your nearby retailers for your tantalising coconut dish, don’t worry, you can simply increase the amount of coconut milk and reduce some water.